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Talent Concept
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Sharing, progress, wealth and win-win
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    Jiaxing | Management | 15 years
    job description

    1. According to the company's strategic direction, comprehensively plan human resource development and strategic management, formulate human resource planning plans, and supervise the implementation of various plans;

    2. Build and improve the human resource management system, research and design the human resource management model (including the comprehensive construction of recruitment, training, performance, salary and employee development systems), and continuously improve the human resource management system;

    3. According to the company's development needs, combined with business characteristics, formulate and continuously optimize the company's performance incentive mechanism to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees;

    4. Build a sound human resource development, training, and optimization mechanism, formulate, organize, and implement effective talent introduction and reserve strategies to enhance the company's core competitiveness;

    5. Provide suggestions on human resources and organizational structure to the decision-making level of the company, and strive to improve the comprehensive management level of the company and control the cost of human resources;

    6. Undertake human resource strategies, be able to be responsible for HR professional projects such as employee quality model, employee evaluation, talent inventory, promotion, etc., as well as excellent talent development capabilities to ensure the organization's talent echelon.

    Job Requirements

    1. More than 15 years of human resources management experience, more than 8 years of human resources director work experience, complete human resources system construction experience, and e-commerce related industry experience is preferred;

    2. Excellent writing skills, more than 5 years experience in salary performance management, familiar with long-term incentive and short-term incentive policies and methods;

    3. Have a systematic understanding and practice of modern enterprise human resources management model; have a deep understanding of human resources strategic planning, talent introduction, salary and welfare design, performance incentive assessment, corporate culture, employee career design, etc.;

    4. Have good professional quality, dedicated and responsible, quick thinking, strong management ability and problem-solving ability, strong pressure resistance and practical ability.

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